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Photo: Timcal graphite mine, Lac-des-Îles, Qc.

(Last update: 2023-02-21)
Report by J.E. (TVA) on mining exploration in southern Quebec (French only)
J.E. Des résidents exaspérés subissent les conséquences des claims miniers - reportage

(Last update: 2019-03-10)
This is the document prepared by François Hayes, a resident of Lac Doré, who has been following the Lac à la Loutre mine project very closely since 2015 and is trying to raise awareness of this issue.

This is not a scientific analysis but an excellent review containing the major points of the project and makes it possible to understand the risks of such a mine in a natural environment like ours. We recommend that you read it. The APLG is against the development of this project.

We would like to sincerely thank François Hayes for his work and perseverance.

You can view the document by clicking here (French only)
The APLG Board of Directors

(Last update: 2015-10-18) At the APLG June 30, 2012 annual meeting we made a presentation on the risks of mineral exploration in our region. Following is a summary and an update (as of October 18, 2015).

A small Vancouver-based mining exploration company, Standard Graphite, has acquired mineral claims in 2012 covering a large territory between Lac Gagnon and Lac Simon, including all properties along the Petite-Nation River. These claims allowed the company to undertake mineral exploration on this territory for two years. Standard Graphite also had claims covering other places in the region. Its activities were mostly on a property north of Mont-Laurier, where it has been carrying out a drilling program.  On September 16, 2015 Standard Graphite announced that it was not proceeding with this project north of Mont-Laurier.

The company is looking for graphite, a promising product whose price has increased significantly in recent years. Sites that were not economically viable twenty years ago, when some exploration work was carried out in the region, are now being re-evaluated.

According to comments made at the 2012 annual meeting, people are not in favour of mining exploration and are somewhat skeptical about the potential of future mining operations.  As can be seen on the maps below all claims that covered the land around the Petite-Nation River have not be renewed when they expired in December 2013.  The other claims that were still on the February 2014 map expired during the summer of 2014 and were not renewed (See the December 13, 2014 map).  No new claims have been registered in the area between Lac Gagnon and Lac Simon.

Some claims are still in force in a sector between Lac des Plages and Lac Doré, about 5-10 km. south-east of Lac Gagnon, identified as the La Loutre project.  See the two following newspaper articles and the links at the bottom of this page on this project:

Article from Le Droit (December 17, 2015)

Article from La Petite-Nation (December 22, 2015)

Location of claims (April 6, 2016)

Claims covering the area between Lac Gagnon and Lac Simon

September 24, 2015  (La Loutre)
December 13, 2014

February18, 2014

December 5, 2013

June 18, 2012

October 9, 2012

Claims as of October 9, 2012 - Lac Simon and Lac Viceroy area

Each rectangle represents a claim of 1 km. by 0,6 km.(60 hectares).  Beige areas represent the limits of the ravages of deer. All claims in the area between Lac Gagnon and Lac Simon Gagnon are registered to Orocan Resources Corp., the former name of Standard Graphite Corp.  The isolated claim on the northern side, near ch. du Huard, was taken by a member of the APLG following the annual meeting of June 2012.  Some 11 claims around Lac Viceroy were purchased by the "Association des propriétaires du Lac Viceroy" and their members.

Anyone can buy claims through the ministère des Richesses naturelles Gestim website. Each claim is good for two years, costs $53 and must be paid immediately by credit card. Click on the following link to access this site either to buy a claim or simply view maps. The site contains a wealth of information but is not very friendly for new users. Contact us if you questions at info@aplg.ca.

 Access to the claims map, ministère des Richesses naturelles  (Requires the use of Microsoft Internet Explorer browser)


If you wish to have information on graphite, or companies associated with its exploration or exploitation, see the following websites:

Standard Graphite Corp. (See the news section)
G&M Updated stock prices for Standard Graphite
Pro Edge Wire Information, news
Timcal Mine at Lac-des-Îles, Google maps
Géo-Outaouais History of mines in the Outaouais region
Graphite Investing News News about graphite
Search on You Tube for the word "graphene" a by-product of graphite.
A couple of good examples on You Tube:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0EaaZcAYRFo and https://www.youtube.com/embed/WFacA6OwCjA

La Loutre Project (East of Lac Doré):

Canada Strategic Metals Inc.,  Website, FacebookStock prices

Lomiko Metals Inc., Website, Stock prices

Graphene 3D Labs Inc.,  Website, FacebookStock prices

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